Meeting notes 2012-10-05

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Financial Update

  • Current Money:
  • Laser Cutter Fund: Needed: ~2100
  • Current Paying Members: 33 + 3 Pending

Group Information

  • Group Bylaws updated at last board meeting
    • Addition to specify our stance of Intellectual Property as it pertains to the group and our members
    • Official stance:
      • Members Intellectual Property remains their own. MidsouthMakers has no claim to member Intellectual Property. MidsouthMakers maintains claim over it's own Intellectual Property of it's logos, icons, and other official depictions
  • Ben working on 220 power panel $350~$450 to install it (Currently $145 towards it)
  • Vinyl Cutter PC up and running
  • Ben working on the set up for the lathe
  • We have some new members and a couple of pending new members. If you haven’t been to a meeting in a while, come see the new faces.
  • Rachel is prepping info to do a class on Stained Glass.
  • There is a craft supply rack at the space, feel free to bring stuff to share.
  • MMCodeMonkeys Group
    • Next Meeting: 10/18
    • Meeting 1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month

Event Discussion

  • Impromtu LAN party at the space this saturday

Next Board Meeting

  • 10/22 6:30ish @ the Space


Comes to Order @

Meeting Adjourned @