Meeting notes 2012-11-16

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Community Room

  • Vinyl Cutter PC up and running. If you run something please throw a few bucks at the group.
  • 2 Kiosk machines up and running. Please turn these machines off when you are done using them.
  • There is a craft supply rack at the space, feel free to bring stuff to share.

Group Information

  • Board Elections are upcoming Board Election for 2013
    • Voting will be by email. you should have a test email to the email we have on file for you.
    • Voting will be open December 1st through 7th. If you are unable to cast your vote by email during this period please contact Joe before December 7th.
  • Thoughts on changing our public meetings at Republic Coffee to once a month?
    • Would make it easier to explain to people when the meetings are.
    • Would be easier to remember WHERE meetings are.
    • proposed change would take effect in January?
    • If you have any input on this, please come to the board meeting on 11/26
  • Mailing list
    • Board will discuss putting our public mailing list on moderation and opening a private, members only list.
    • We need ensure there is little to no fragmentation. We want to make sure stuff going to the members only list is really "members only"
    • Project ideas, suggestions, calls for help should still go out to the public list.
    • If you have any input on this, please come to the board meeting on 11/26
  • Member Interaction / How to tell who is a member
    • Secret Handshake?
    • Member's Only section of the website w/ pictures?
    • RFID Tag all the members?
  • Space cleanup
    • Please do your part to clean up the space.
    • Dru bought 2 mops + a replacement head for one of them

Event Discussion

  • Stained Glass Class went well, pictures on our website
  • Late January LAN Party
    • January 19th? 26th?
  • MMCodeMonkeys Group
    • Next Meeting: January 17th


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