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Ms. PacMan Restoration

Ms PacMan Cabinet just after arriving

Owner Group
Version 1.0
Status Sold
Started On January 2011
Cost $0


This project was donated to the group as it was found on Craigslist, acquired by Claudio & Joe. It was originally in a restaurant, bought by another party, appears to have had some work done on it, and was not working when we first examined it. Sonny was able to isolate an issue with a prom that was not acting correctly and borrowed a replacement part. The borrowed replacement part made the machine operable but the video needs some further tweaking.



Version 1.0

  • Machine acquired - Troubleshoot
  • Found bad prom chip. Replaced with borrowed known good, machine operable
  • Need to secure our own replacement prom
  • Machine needs to be cleaned
  • Keep the front panel in tact and operable to start games
  • Repaint one side original / one side custom for group?


Version 2.0

  • Swap out CRT Monitor for 19" LCD
  • VGA/CGA Adapter switch to swap between original game + MAME
  • Install modern CPU Components for MAME Setup
  • Install modern joystick/button control board