Sand Blasting Cabinet

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Sand Blasting Cabinet

The outside corner of the finished cabinet

Owner Jwoodjr
Version 1.0
Status In Progress
Started On December 2009
Cost $225


This was created due to a need for a sand blasting cabinet for a very cheap expense. Followed an idea posted on and implemented some modifications for my purpose. I installed a filtered outlet port as well as mounted a regulator/filter on the outside. There is a feed line for the air and a feed line for the actual blasting media of choice. So far I've worked with aluminum oxide and pla-sand. My initial desires are to use this in conjunction with a vinyl cutter to develop designs, place on glass then sand blast the negative space to etch the design into the glass.



This is a shot of the inside of the cabinet after its initial blasting
  • Portable
    • Made from storage tub
    • Internal air hose
    • Quick disconnect for air compressor
  • Limited construction
  • Ability to reclaim blasting media
  • Ability for future modification
  • Inside lighting
  • Minimal media loss due to escaping air
  • Attached gloves


  • Easier method for viewing panel replacement

Bill of Materials

Item Metric Cost/Item Qty Sub Total Distributor
Air Compressor N/A $75.00 1 $75.00 Harbor Freight Tools
Air Hose N/A $15.00 1 $15.00 Harbor Freight Tools
Air Host Quick Connect Ends N/A $6.00 2 $12.00 Harbor Freight Tools
Air Regulator N/A $15.00 1 $15.00 Harbor Freight Tools
Closet Flange Spacers N/A $12.00 4 $48.00 Harbor Freight Tools
Fluorescent Light N/A $10.00 1 $10.00 Unknown
Liquid Nails N/A $4.00 1 $4.00 Harbor Freight Tools
Misc Nuts & Bolts N/A $6.00 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pair of Sandblasting Gloves N/A $7.00 1 $7.00 Unknown
Plexiglass Sheet N/A $7.00 1 $7.00 Home Depot
Sand Blaster N/A $24.00 1 $24.00 Harbor Freight Tools
Storage Tub N/A $4.00 1 $4.00 Various

Tools Used for Construction

  • Hot Knife
  • Dremel
  • Drill
  • Pliers
  • Wrenches
  • Thread Seal