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  • The discussion of officers should drive the creation of MSM Bylaws. Through this we will ensure that responsibility for execution of the bylaws is well planned.
  • We want to remain member run and have transparency. We want people to be involved but there will be some circumstances which certain information may not need to be published in our public notes. Specifically Board meeting notes.
    • Any business of a personal level or anything that could potentially have ANY group member looked at negatively brought up may be omitted from public records of board meetings

From 3-16-10 Board Meeting

Call to order 9:26pm

Quick overview of previous board meeting notes. Further flesh out duties / bylaws

Nominate Kevin Dunn Sgt At Arms. Move to vote, Vote passed.

President: The President shall execute organization leadership and decisions following the policies of the organization, and shall be primary on all capital expenditures made from the Treasury. Vice President: The vice president shall execute the responsibilities of the office of president when the president is not otherwise available. The vice president is also the primary officer involved in the registration and interview of new members. Secretary: The secretary shall keep the minutes of the organization and all other official paperwork thereof. The secretary shall also officiate over all elections, votes for new members, or any other matter requiring a vote of membership.

Handling Issues: If an issue or matter between members cannot be resolved those members can bring the matter to the board. A vote must put to the board to put the member in question on 30 day probation. At end the of the 30 days a second vote must be held to determine if the member is taken off probation or removed from the group entirely. Both votes require a 2/3 majority to pass. The probation includes limited access to the space requiring a board member present as well as one week cool down for both the accuser and accuse.

Eligibility / How to join: Current members should be paired with new / interested party so they have a kind of mentor / sponsor. If no member steps up, the Vice President should attempt to take the responsibility but may pass the responsibility on to another officer. General induction into the group requires the member to be at least of 18 years of age and certain equipment may not be operable by anyone under the age of 21 as decided by the board.

Responsibility of Members: Ensure that dues are kept current unless some other special arrangement has been approved by the board. The board reserves the right to have the final say on any and all special arrangements. Every member has the eligibility to vote on any issue put before the membership and is eligible to vote for officers / board members during the yearly election. Members are provided access to the space (pending acquirement of the group's space).

Membership Dues: Membership fees are due on the 1st of every month and considered late after the 7th of the month and may be assessed a late penalty, as decided by the policy of the membership level. A suspension of membership privileges may also be imposed.

Bylaws are always subject to change by board votes.