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Address {{{address}}}
City {{{city}}}
State {{{state}}}
Zip Code {{{zip}}}
Country {{{country}}}
Website {{{website}}}
E-mail {{{email}}}
IRC {{{irc}}}
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{{Infobox electronic component
|hackerspace_name =
|image = 
|image_size = 
|alt = 
|caption = 
|country = 
|state = 
|city = 
|website = 
|email =
|irc = 
|media = 
|digg = 
|facebook = 
|flickr = 
|myspace = 
|twitter = 
|youtube = 
  • hackerspace_name — the name of the hackerspace
  • image — the image file name to use in the infobox (Note: only the file name is needed the template automatically links the file)
  • image_size — the desired size of the image in pixels (Default: 250px)
  • alt — alternate text to show up when the image is moused over
  • caption — the caption to show up underneath the picture
  • country — the country the hackerspace is located in
  • state — the state the hackerspace is located in
  • city — the city the hackerspace is located in
  • website — the current website to the hackerspace
  • email — the main contact e-mail address for the hackerspace
  • irc — the irc channel of the hackerspace
  • mediayes or no, whether to display the media section or not
  • digg — the hackerspace's digg link
  • facebook — the hackerspace's facebook link
  • flickr — the hackerspace's flickr link
  • myspace — the hackerspace's myspace link
  • twitter — the hackerspace's twitter link
  • youtube — the hackerspace's youtube link


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