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Owner {{{owner}}}
Lead {{{lead}}}
Version {{{version}}}
Status Unknown
Started On {{{start_date}}}
Ended On {{{end_Date}}}
Cost {{{cost}}}
Time {{{time}}}

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{{Infobox project
|project_name =
|image = 
|image_size = 
|alt = 
|caption = 
|owner = 
|lead = 
|version = 
|status = 
|start_date = 
|end_date = 
|cost = 
|time = 
|media = 
|digg = 
|facebook = 
|flickr = 
|gplus = 
|myspace = 
|youtube =
  • project_name — the name of the project
  • image — the image file name to use in the infobox (Note: only the file name is needed the template automatically links the file)
  • image_size — the desired size of the image in pixels (Default: 250px)
  • alt — alternate text to show up when the image is moused over
  • caption — the caption to show up underneath the picture
  • owner — the name of the person who is considered the owner of the project (Note: if a name is provided that has a user page it will auto link it and the name must be spelled exactly as it is in the system)
  • lead — the name of the person who is considered the lead of a group project (Note: functions the same as owner)
  • version — some sort of versioning so that everyone will know what rendition the project is currently on
  • status — the current status of the project
  • start_date — the date the project was started on (Note: the template does attempt to format the date)
  • end_date — the date the project was completed on (Note: the template does attempt to format the date)
  • cost — the cost to duplicate the end result of the project
  • time — a rough estimate of the time spent executing the project
  • mediayes or no, whether to display the media section or not
  • digg — the project's digg link
  • facebook — the project's facebook link
  • flickr — the project's flickr link
  • gplus — the project's google plus link
  • myspace — the project's myspace link
  • youtube — the project's youtube link


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