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{{Member skills exchange|USERNAME}}


The template takes the username provided and looks under that user's page for two subpages, skills offered and skills desired. If it finds the two pages it will display the content of each of them in the template appropriately. If it does not, it will tell you so.


No user provided

{{Member skills exchange}}

  • A user name must be passed as a parameter for this template to work.

Normal use

{{Member skills exchange|Dan9186}}


Skills Offered[edit] Skills Desired[edit]
  • Computer Programming
    • General programming concepts
    • Basic networking
    • Extensive database design
    • Web based programming
    • Languages
      • Java
      • JavaScript
      • C/C++
      • PHP
      • SQL
      • VisualBasic
      • AJAX
  • Electrical/Computer Engineering Degree
    • Circuit design and implementation
    • Basic low voltage components
    • Circuit bending
    • General soldering
  • Mathamatics
    • Discrete Math
    • Extensive Calculus
    • Extensive Physics
  • Minimal Wood Working
  • Welding
  • Better Wood Working
  • Better Network Understanding