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Statement of Purpose

Midsouth Makers, NFP is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (or the corresponding section of any future United States Internal Revenue law). Our mission is to foster a collaborative environment wherein people can explore and create intersections between technology, science, art, and culture. We will strive to promote individual growth and community improvement through our endeavors, projects and actions.

Specific Goals

  • Acquire and maintain a collaborative workspace for communal use by members
  • Foster a creative, collaborative environment for experimentation and development in science, technology, and art.
  • Interact with the local community that our space is situated in through education and cultural participation.
  • Share our developments and ideas with the world at large.
  • Facilitate communication with other spaces and colleagues nationally and internationally.
  • Invite experts and other creative individuals to share their ideas and projects.


By requirement of the State of Tennessee, Midsouth Makers shall continuously maintain in the State of Tennessee a registered office and a registered agent whose business office, for the purpose of this corporation, is identical with such registered office. The registered office shall be the physical location of our workspace. In the event that we do not have a physical workspace, the registered office shall be determined by the board of directors.

Votes of the Board


Quorum for a vote of the board of the MidSouth Makers shall require at least 2/3 of the existing board members on the day of the vote. Board members present at the meeting via teleconferencing equipment are considered present.

Submitting an Issue for Vote

Any issue that affects Midsouth Makers may be called for a board vote by any member of MidsouthMakers.

Notice of Issues for Vote

Notice of all issues properly submitted for vote by the board shall be given to all board members no later than 5 days before the meeting at which they will be voted on. Notice shall be sent electronically, to the e-mail address that each board member has provided to the organization.

Remote Attendance

Votes by the board members may not be made by proxy. Board members must attend the board meetings, either in person or remotely through teleconference methods arranged with the Board before the meeting, in order to vote on matters placed before the Board of Directors.

Voting Procedures

Voting procedures, including time limits for discussion before taking a vote, shall be defined by the MIBS Simplified Rules of Coordinated Consensus Through Chaos unless otherwise agreed upon by the board.


Unless otherwise specified in these Membership Rules, a two-thirds majority vote of the board members present shall ratify any issue put before the board for a vote. Under the meaning of present in this section, board members present via telecommunications count toward calculating that majority.

Organization Slush Fund

  • A minimum of a $1500 slush fund is be in the organizations bank account before it considers moving into a location.
  • The organization shall attempt to maintain the slush fund in a bank account for instances of being short on funds to pay monthly rent.
  • When opportunity presents itself, it is the responsibility of the Board of Directorsto try and increase the amount of money kept in the bank for the slush fund and not limit it at the aforementioned minimum