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My real name is unimportant. What is important is what I do here. Which isn't a lot. I refuse to believe that all I've done has just been a dream surely you will think otherwise, but please consider the source before you pass judgement.

I was born in a mangier, not too far from MIT. In Sept of 1960, I was an Air Force brat, and have lived in many parts of these United States.

I've been experimenting with electronics and physics since I was 7 when I realized with some wire, a light bulb and a 9 volt battery I could illuminate the interior of a ceramic owl and make it's eyes shine for Halloween.

Nearly all of my modest talents and skills are self taught. I can't help but tinker and when possible fix things. It's just what I do. Much to the lament of a dog I owned some time ago.

My experiments, are numerous and varied. But many in my early years involved moderately high voltage, as I explored the exciting field of electric shock.

I began my first career working for a TV repair shop at 13. Where I earned $1.00 an hour for testing tubes and general cleanup of the shop. Later, I would repair TV's and stereos before leaving for the Navy when I was 17.

I currently live in Millington Tn.

Hobbies: Electronics, writing, 3D modeling, wood working, programming.

Practical skills: Electronic repair, computer repair, automobile repair, plumbing repair, residential wiring, residential framing, general carpentry, Web programming, computer programming, system administration (most Unixes, FreeBSD, Linux, SCO, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Digital Unix), database administration (Postgresql, Mysql, Sqlite, Oracle).

Programming Languages: Basic, C,LSL (found in Second Life), Perl, PHP, Python, SQL

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