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Inventory Notes

  • Current Inventory was in GDocs, now in sqldb
  • Need front-end to view all pretty-like :p DONE( Joe) Tools
  • Current project data/info stored similarly (John Wood making hardcopy form for project info)
  • Using Green Regions bag stored in Fire-room as mini toolbox for house use (hope to get small toolbox for that, most other loose hand tools to be stored in black tool box in shop.
  • Recyclable materials to be stored in paint room, clean out and compress cans, break down boxes, save copper, keep it organized, etc.
  • Need storage containers for organization (currently building up storage containers

Variable usage for tool inventory

id RFID Tagging Date Qty Item Model Location Serial Powered Type Condition Ownership Owner Usage Conditions Lending Conditions Value per unit If Damaged If Abandoned Notes Image Links
Variables autoincrement RFID tag# da/mo/yr Integer Item name Model info Specific storage location Serial # if any wired or battery etc type/style/ item if necc Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor/Damaged Private/Borrowed/Private for public use/Public Owner Name Use However/Ask Owner First/Do Not Use/Fragile Permanent removal allowed/Borrowing allowed/Borrowing allowed by owner only/Out of area allowed $ Return to owner/repair then notify owner/ repair else dispose/destroyer repurchases then notifies owner Return to owner/Dispose/Donate for any use Other info Link Link
Default Public Return to owner
Extra auto_increment

Inventory Todo

Inventory Database

  • Fill in remaining pictures (could use help)

RFID Tagging

  • find small glue-able tags (125kHz)

Inventory Suggestions

Feel free to add whatever :)
  • ?


I still need to make a sling, get the weights (30-60lb) mounted with some cable (current solution is rough. Going with Dru's idea- similar to guitar string mounts

(don't know why I haven't started)

  • Prusa Mendel MakerBot 0.0
  • Inventory


Past Projects

  • XBMC Home Theater PC's (Xbox1) XBMC
  • Icetube Clock Pic, Pic2


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new wiki inv temp

== Location ==

== Features ==

== Consumables ==

== Allowable Materials ==

Wood must comply with the following rules: 

== Personal Protective Equipment ==

== Safe Operation == 

== Prior to each use ==

== After each use ==

{| class="wikitable"

Computer Inv notes

Linksys Cisco 16 port switch

  • 16 port switch (10/100/1000) Gigabit Switch with WebView
  • Model SRW2016 ver 1.2
  • Serial RID20FC00550 GGR3706 MM
  • Asset tag: nj060024265

Dell PowerEdge 2850 Unisys

  • Service Tag: 1HTL871
  • Original Shipping Date: 4/18/2005
  • (FRU 4M147) Dell SCSI Drive Array
  • OS: WIndows Server 2003 with valid key in 12GB partition
  • Optical Drive: (FRU X5385) CD R/W + DVD reader 24x
  • Shipped with HDD: (FRU D5958) 36GB, S, U320..., 15K, 80P, SEAGATE
  • Shipped RAM: (FRU X1560) 2x256, 400M, 32X72, 8, 240, 1RX8
  • Processor: (FRU D7589) 2.8GhZ Socket 604 Xeon Nocona
  • Video: RADEON-7000M

Cisco Catalyst 2970 Series Switch