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WordPress Hacking (pre HMS)
Owner Jferguson
Version 0.1
Status In Progress
Started On March 2011
Cost Beer


Hacking on WordPress to expand and build Hackerspace Management System functions directly into WordPress Pages


  • Membership Application
  • Member Services
    • http://www.midsouthmakers.org/member-services/
    • File: member-services-inc.php
    • File: member-services-inc-inc.php
    • TBD:
      • Need to determine if text or number value is what we want in transactions rows for accounts.
      • Probably could use some cleanup in member queries IE not querying for each function.
      • Status: In Development
        • View Transactions: Operational Everything else: Not Yet Implemented
  • Finances
    • http://www.midsouthmakers.org/finances/
    • File: finances-inc.php (Operational / Layout)
    • File: finances-inc-inc.php (Functions)
      • Purpose to serve the needs of Treasurer. Provide Methods to settle bookkeeping and maintain contact records of Members.
      • Status: In Development
      • Operational Elements :
        • Create New Account
        • Create New Payee (Vender, Services, etc)
        • Add Transaction
        • Edit Transaction - Payee is reset every time case statement select default TBD.
        • View All Transactions (Click on the transaction id to Edit that particular transaction
        • Automatic Processing Fee Transaction adding. (Able to add Paypal/square up fees at the same time as the associated transaction)
        • Automatic Fee Calculation when selecting Processing Fees Paypal/Square up the fee will be calculated based on the amount field.

Bill of Materials

  • 1s and 0s.