Zombie Walk 2010

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Zombie Walk was an event started in 2007 where Memphians dress up like zombies and walk the streets as the living dead.

Zombie Walk 2010
Start Date May 28, 2010 @ 6:30 PM
Cost Free (Donations Always Welcome)
Website [1]
Location Starts at Earnestine & Hazel's on South Main



This is just a general, no real purpose, have fun event. The event thus far has been organized for nothing more than to have fun. A handful of rules have been set out. You are only allowed to "attack" people who have been clearly marked as participating in the event. Past that it seems to be just a good ol' brain eatin. Being that we are a group of makers and geeks, this would not only be an ideal time to gain a little public face, but a great time for all those wonderful zombie movies that we so greatly love.


  1. Only "zombify" the people clearly marked with a duct tape X on them
  2. No harassing people that are clearly not overly pleased with the event
  3. No scaring children
  4. No destruction of property (that means no touching cars, windows, or other people who are not part of the event)
  5. No obstructing traffic
  6. No breaking any laws
  8. No Entering businesses or other buildings
  9. Have fun

Who's Attending

  • John
  • Mary
  • Daniel
  • Richard & Family
  • Danny & Family


RC Zombie Torso — being a maker group, we could attempt to make some sort of crawling RC zombie torso that we could put down and have it move around Dan9186(TEC) 06:13, 24 February 2010 (UTC)