Meeting notes 2011-01-21

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  • Ryan A.
  • Roy B.
  • John B.
  • Marshall D.
  • Claudio D.
  • Brad D.
  • Mitzi D.
  • Kevin D.
  • Joe F.
  • Daniel H.
  • Dan K.
  • Paul K.
  • Rick M.
  • Chris P.
  • Walter S.
  • Mark T.
  • John W.

Count: 17


No Pictures



  • Financial Update

Upcoming Events

The Space

  • We've contacted landlord about the hot water tank being out
  • List of tools updated from our tools database:
  • Contacting The Landlord(s)
    • If you have a question about something at the space that would involve the landlord you can walk across the street and ask Jeff if he is available, but do not make it so much so that it pesters him
    • Please also inform the group of these questions so that we're aware of it and more importantly the answer
    • DO NOT go bothering Glenn for anything, Jeff has offered himself as mediator, and Glenn has requested a single point of contact for the group, we do not want to be pestering him
    • If you have something that needs to go to Glenn direct it through Daniel


  • We're only meeting @ Republic Coffee on the 1st and 3rd Fridays. Other meetings are at the space.
  • Jan 28th Meeting @ Space.



Comes to Order @

Meeting Adjourned @