Board meeting notes 2012-04-30

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This meeting is missing the attendance list.


Financial Update

  • Current Money:
  • Current Paying Members: 27


  • Block Fill and Paint white the shop wall
  • We can do whatever we want on the wall paint wise

Group Information

  • Do we want to formally create the Artist Ghetto group ($100 to file, $20 yearly)

Event Discussion

  • Potential Designing Classes
    • Classes on basic programming, OO, Perl, PHP, C, Java, etc.
    • Chad Miller, Brad Dunnigan, Ed Stafford, Nick offered to teach various classes
  • Dan and Nick going through to see what we can get planned
  • March 31st 2D Design & vinyl Cutting Class
  • Check with Kit for dates for photography class (4/14 & 4/21 TBD)
    • 2 Classes, 1 is basic camera stuff, 2 is by slots to develop film / go home with negatives
    • 5 cameras to let people borrow
  • June - PCB Manufacturing
  • May 12/19th for our next LAN Party
  • Memorial Day Cookout? (May 28th)

Membership Next Board Meeting

  • May 21


Comes to Order @

Financial Update

  • Current Money:
  • Current Paying Members: 27

Group Information Event Discussion Next Board Meeting

  • April 9th/16th/23rd

Meeting Adjourned @ 9ish