Meeting notes 2010-02-26

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  • Joe
  • Mike D.
  • Jim P.
  • Michael
  • Chris
  • Wess
  • Brandi
  • Kevin
  • Rick
  • Jim H.
  • James B.
  • Firas
  • Mark
  • Brandon
  • Chad
  • John
  • Mitzi
  • Brad

Count: 18


See Flicker for pictures


  • Introductions (if anyone new)
  • Showing Off Projects
  • Next Meeting
    • We have been invited to have a meeting at Emerge Memphis' facilities to get a better understanding of one another
  • MidSouth Con Reminder
    • Promotional Media Update
    • Who else is attending?
    • Possible projects to show
  • Zombie Walk 2010
    • Anyone familiar with?
  • Other Events?
    • Does anyone know of any other events coming up that we could appear at?
    • If so, list them on the wiki and blog
  • Organization Structure
    • Possible Positions to handle needed responsibilities
      • President - Name on legal documents, Primary name on the bank account
      • Vice-President - Handling of new members, secondary name on the bank account
      • Secretary - Meeting notes, Official paperworks
      • Treasurer - Handling of money, Fiscal financial paperwork, secondary name on the bank account
      • Public Relations - Handles major blog posts and other social media
      • Minister of Silly Walks - ?
    • Any bylaws potentially needed for these positions
  • Spaces
    • Any new ideas on locations?
  • E-mail Accounts
    • Everyone who will actually use it is free to have one


Comes to Order @ 7:15 PM

  • First attempt at podcasting the meeting
    • Attempt failed due to bad acoustics in the room
  • Brad brings project
    • A piece of a robot that he built
    • The pan/tilt portion of the vision for the robot
    • Utilizes a usb camera and a sonar range finder
  • Mitzi brings project pictures
    • Pictures of the entire process her and her mother went through to make her wedding dress
    • Her mother also made everything for the photo album and bound it
  • Lots of people show up
    • Tons of new people
    • Several from GOLUM
  • Zombie walk
    • lots of people seemed to like the idea of us participating in it
  • Dues
    • There is a concern of the price of dues
    • Suggested for potential tiered membership based on interests
  • Suggestion of not attempting to redistribute large amounts of old computers
    • Can result in eventual cost to the group
    • Not many people really interested in actually taking them
    • Must be disposed of properly

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:30 PM