Meeting notes 2010-03-05

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This meeting is missing the attendance list.


See Flicker for pictures


  • Board Members
    • We've elected them
    • Duties have been distributed, hopefully we'll see more happening faster
  • Non Profit Explanations
    • We now have a tax id, bank account coming
    • Explanation of why we have decided to move forward with 501(c)(3)
    • As soon as the cyber assistant is available we will file for 501(c)(3)
    • $200 total will be needed to file
  • Space
    • We're getting cramped in here!
    • Any ideas on new space to look into?
    • If anyone has any suggestions please get contact information and share back with John
  • Website
    • We need some web content to ramp up our site
    • Projects are great for this
      • Write up your own
      • We'll help you write it up
      • Pictures are a necessity too!
  • Projects of anyone to show off?
  • MidSouth Con!
    • Daniel will not be able to attend Sunday, could someone take his place that day


Comes to Order @ 7:15 PM

  • Introduction of the elected officers.
  • John would like to reschedule his birthday to June.
  • We jumped in / crashed the 2600 meeting, welcome to the memebers that stayed for our meeting.
  • We have our EIN number now, we'll be able to get a bank account.
  • We're going to form as a 501c3, we're going to wait until the online application comes out so it is much cheaper to

file. $850 to file VS $200.

  • We have looked at other locations but staying with republic coffee.
    • Homework: 1 idea for a weekly meeting place.
    • Potential meeting space: Broadway Pizza, large side room, very good pizza. Large room compared to Republic.
    • Potential Bluff City Electronics.
  • Website, we need content ideas / content / projects.
  • Blog posts for weekly meetings.
  • Chris's project: Home Made ravioli.
  • John has our own midsouth makers window Decals. $5 donation for the decal. The $5 also waived when we start collecting dues.
  • Daniel showing off Mary's Scarf prototype.
  • Greg's handmade multilayered bracelet.
  • John explains vinyl printing and glass etching application.
  • For Joe to do: word press page for a decal.
  • possibly set up a store to process our own wares.
      • How do we accept payments and retain non-profit?

  • Midsouthcon! who can work our table. Jim and Daniel will attend.
    • We're still having a meeting despite midsouthcon.

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:30 PM