Meeting notes 2010-06-04

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  • John
  • Daniel
  • Mary
  • Marshal
  • Mark
  • Walter
  • TK
  • Brandi
  • Kevin
  • Joe

Count: 10


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  • Finances
    • Financial report
    • It is first of the month if anyone wishes to make a donation
    • Inform about the idea of the pledges
    • Inform about and get others input on starting up a project on there
  • Spaces
    • We need contacts for Realtors, everyone please help out
    • We need ideas for spaces to look at, everyone please help out
    • When we do actually start looking at spaces, we will announce dates for viewing them as far ahead as possible, we want anyone who wishes to join to come view it with the founders
  • Social Events
    • Visiting Nashville tomorrow, look for tweets, pictures, and info to come
    • Anyone else wish to join us on the Huntsville trip? The deadline will be by next meeting
    • What social event do we want to do next?
      • The planning needs to start now
      • Things need to start happening with it
      • If we just talk about it and wait till the week before then don't bother
      • We can have everything but the date in place if we are concerned about the current timing for it
      • Assign out responsibilities even if it is just to gather info by the next meeting
  • Show n Tell


  • We have about $1300 in the bank
  • could be a good way to find funds
    • you propose $ amounts that people can donate
    • You can offer prizes for donations
      • Next week come back with suggestions for prices / donation levels
  • Come back next week for an android or iphone app we could create
  • we're looking to collect Realtor names, site locations etc for a space
  • Social Events
    • A group is going to road trip to hacker consortium in Nashville
    • The next trip is to makers local 256 in Huntsville June 26th
  • Idea for our next social event
    • July 3rd/4th potluck event?


Comes to Order @ 7:30pm

  • Homework
    • Bring back an idea for a phone app
    • Bring back ideas for fundraising donations and rewards for a site like
    • Bring back any info you have for realtors or spaces

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:42pm