Meeting notes 2010-06-11

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  • Joe
  • Chris
  • TK
  • Charles
  • Kim
  • Danny
  • Mary
  • Daniel
  • Brad
  • Mitzi
  • Mark
  • Marshal
  • Walter

Count: 13


No Pictures


  • Financial Report
  • Still looking for a space
    • We went and looked at a space on southern near highland, best potential so far
    • If you know anyone that can help us look for spaces please put us in contact
  • Donations
    • The space we looked at on southern an example of a space that is WELL within our reach
    • If people are able to donate, the more people donating the faster we'll get into a space
  • Homework
    • Did anyone have/bring ideas for price or prize ideas for using a type of resource?
    • Did anyone have/bring iphone/Android app ideas?
      • John's suggestions are an RDP tool and an "On This Day" app that can have personal events added to it
  • Propose assignments for food for the cookout, who to bring what and such
  • If Marshall is present ask him specifically for a write up on his costuming and past items he's created
  • Recycling Note
    • Power cables and wires can be stripped for their coper and aluminum
    • Cans anyone?



Comes to Order @ 7:15pm

  • The space on southern looks really good
    • If you see a space you think we could look into, let us know
    • We would need roughly 24 $45/month paying members to move into a space like this.
  • Ideas for
  • raffle off a makerbot and sell enough for 2 makerbots, give one to the winner and the space keeps one
  • sell off something we can produce on the CNC
  • Idea for a mobile phone app
    • Should be usefull
    • app to automatically geotag pictures easily
  • Plans for cookout for july 4th weekend?
    • We'll send out some ideas on the mailing list
  • If you have any extra cables that have copper, bring in so we can strip it down to the copper
  • 26th trip to makers local, we need to know tonight to let them know how many we are coming

Meeting Adjourned @ 9pm