Meeting notes 2010-06-18

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  • John
  • Josh
  • Kevin
  • Brandi
  • Drew
  • Mark
  • Marshal

Count: 7


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  • Still looking for a space
    • If you know anyone that can help us look for spaces please put us in contact
  • Trip
    • Those who are going, Huntsville trip is the 26th
    • We show the following going
      • Daniel
      • Mary
      • John
      • Kevin
      • Brandi
      • Lumpy
      • TK
    • Who are we missing? It must be known before leaving for the night. If they do not speak up they will be left out.
  • Recycling
    • Really easy to save Aluminum cans and bring them to a meeting = money for the group
  • July 4th weekend
    • Who else's coming?
      • John
      • Kevin
      • Brandi
      • Mark
      • Marshall
      • Daniel
      • Mary
    • What to Bring?
  • Bylaws Discussion
    • Present Bylaws in full to the group
    • Pick and Discuss a first topic for this week and keep discussion going
  • Donations & Membership
    • Please bring your friends!
    • The more people we have contributing the faster we'll be able to move into a space
  • Ideas for our next activity
    • We talked about printing T-Shirts
      • The cost is more than the soldering class so we need a pretty accurate number of people interested
    • Any other ideas for craft activities / classes we can hold?



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